Fixed Idea | Discography
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Cruise to My Blues (2016)

The long awaited new music by Fixed Idea is about to be released with an EP entitled, “Cruise To My Blues”. The arrangement of these songs were a collaboration of life within itself during the period they were written. Songs such as, “The Bear” and “Never Fall In Love Again” are songs written from the result of a broken heart. The song, “Girl On My Block” is a great representation of how us guys feel when we go out to a party and see a beautiful girl that we would like to, at least talk to, but dont because of lack of confidence. Then we have songs of hope and positive mental attitude, “Last One To Fall” and “Two Ways” that carry a positive message for everyone to realize that no matter what, we are given the tools in life to be successful; establish a positive mindset and follow your dream but never give up, which we like to call a “Fixed Idea”.

Front Artwork by Pancho MendozaAlbum cover designed by Josh Mendoza | Back artwork designed by Erick Angel

Walk Like A Warrior (2014)

This album is a collection of music written within the span of 18 years. The opening track, “Boogie In C” was written when I realized that I was going to be a dad for the first time. I had to change my lifestyle and so this song is a reflection of my personal realization. All songs written on this album is a direct impact of life experiences. Songs about Love such as, “Shenanigans” to songs about hope with, “Don’t Worry Now” to songs of life reflection like, “Living My Life”. “Punx In The Pit” is the only straight up punk rock song written on a personal perspective of attending shows. The title of this album, “Walk Like A Warrior” is our anthem to stand up for what you believe in and no matter how bad you fall down in life, you get back up and continue on your journey and purpose in life.

Artwork by Juan Arauao

Live Raw & Personal (2012)

This was a fun production planned,organized and  filmed for a live DVD. We recorded this album live at the House of Rock in El Paso, Texas. Roberto Pedraza III mixed and mastered this album at home and also ran the live sound. The line up on this album consists of, Josh Castillo – Drums, Chris Alfaro – Bass, Daniel Villasenor – Keys/Vocals, Mickey Pedroza – Percussion, Raul Espino – T. Sax, Nick Camargo – Trumpet, Jordan Quintana – Trombone/Vocals, Will Munoz – Lead Guitar, and Pancho Mendoza – Guitar/Vocals. Such a great night and great album!

La Muerte (2005)

This album was tracked by Raul Mendoza at home. Vocals, mixed and mastered at El Adobe Studios in El Paso, Texas with Joe Cueto. The production of this album took a long time because of the money we had to raise to finish it. The line up on this album consisted of Rick the Spic Rodriguez – Drums/Percussion/Vocals, Jaime Candelaria – Bass, Frank Lujan – T. Sax, Ricky Ortega – Trombone, Abel Gandara – A. Sax, Diana Sanchez – Vocals, and myself, Pancho Mendoza – Guitar/Vocals. This album has one of our oldest songs, “At The Side Of Park” which is a story of where we would practice and where I would live. The song, “Bad Apple” is a song of frustration feeling that everyone is on your case and all you want to do is live in peace. “Things I Do For You” is a love song written about what great lengths one may go to win the heart of another. “Debo” meaning, devil in spanglish which is our punk song on the album. One of my closest friends, Trace Beals lost his father this year and asked if he can write a song for the album. The result was the beautiful song, “Ol’ Ghost”.  This collection of songs are a reflection of ones feelings of life experiences; live, laugh, love, and leave a legend!

Artwork by Adolfo Hernandez “El Kido”

Traditions of My Addictions (2001)

This album is a collection of songs that were a collaboration between myself and some of my musical brothers. We laid the tracks with my brother, Raul Mendoza, at the side of the park. Some of the songs were mixed and mastered by Mike Major at Rosewood and some were mixed and mastered by Justin Leah and Bobby Bad Seed out at Sonic Ranch. The song, “Before I Break was written by Rick “The Spic” Rodriguez. The song “The Rain Song” was written as a collaboration between, Ernesto Tinejero, Oguer Ocon, Rick The Spic, and myself. In this recording I ran my keyboard through my Wah pedal to get the effect at the beginning of the song. This album also includes our drinking anthem, “The Drinking Song” and our Ska anthem, “Rude Boy”. The line-up on this album consists of Rick The Spic – Drums/Vocals, James Candelaria – Bass, Gazoo – Trombone, Frank Lujan – Tenor Sax, Eddie Garcia – Trumpet, And myself, Pancho Mendoza – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals.

Artwork by Danny Velasco

Fixed Idea (1999)

This is an EP which was recorded at Sonic Ranch studios in Tortillo, Texas. Mixed and Mastered by Justin Leah. This EP has 4 songs and the line up on this album consisted of Ernesto Tinajero – Bass, Rick The Spic – Drums/Vocals, Lizette Talamantes – Trumpet, Gazoo – Trombone, Gabriel Bouche – A. Sax, David Cardona – T. Sax, Oguer Ocon – Percussion, Pancho Mendoza – Guitar/Piano/Vocals.

Skankin Oldies (1998)

This album was recorded in Houston, Texas at Swamp Studios and released on Pinche Flojo Records based in Houston. The band traveled 14 hours to Houston and recorded this album in 8 hours and traveled back home right after. This album is a collection of our early work re-recording songs such as “Nickel” and “Chucotown” this album has many of our classics! Hometown jams at it’s best. The line up consisted of Fill Heimer – Bass/Vocals, Rick The Spic – Drums, Gazoo – Trombone, Steven Heimer – Trumpet, Pancho Mendoza – Guitar/Vocals.

Chucotown “7 (1996)

This is our first release which was recorded in Fill’s garage by Sergio Mendoza. In this line up for this recording was: Fill Heimer-Bass and vocals, Steven Heimer – Trumpet, Gazoo – trombone, Raul Mendoza – Drums, and Pancho Mendoza – Guitar/Vocals. We pressed only 200 which has been out of print.

Artwork by Adam Sanchez