Fixed Idea | Chuco Ska Since 1992
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I’ve always had a Fixed Idea, stuck inside my head. I know what I want, can’t take that away from me…


The song, “Last One To Fall” was written about having a difficult year however, not giving up. Often times life gets really difficult and you feel like giving up. This song encourages you not to give up! Produced by Ernesto Hernandez and Aaron venegas. Children of both Angel Gonzalez and Pancho Mendoza’s children come out on this video. Great including friends and family! 


This song was written in the form of a 1950’s do woop song to pay homage to the music we grew up listening to. It’s a love song, a proclimation of one’s feelings for another person. The song was released on Valentine’s Day 2016 on the local radio station, 92.3 FM. Lyrics are both in English and in Spanish blended in; a true form of our culture living on the border in El Paso, Texas.

OUR NEW EP: “Cruise to My Blues”

The long awaited new music by Fixed Idea is about to be released with an EP entitled, “Cruise To My Blues”. The arrangement of these songs were a collaboration of life within itself during the period they were written. Songs such as, “The Bear” and “Never Fall In Love Again” are songs written from the result of a broken heart. The song, “Girl On My Block” is a great representation of how us guys feel when we go out to a party and see a beautiful girl that we would like to, at least talk to, but dont because of lack of confidence. Then we have songs of hope and positive mental attitude, “Last One To Fall” and “Two Ways” that carry a positive message for everyone to realize that no matter what, we are given the tools in life to be successful; establish a positive mindset and follow your dream but never give up, which we like to call a “Fixed Idea”.